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A Great PSA For Why You Don’t Heckle/Don’t Take Narcotics by Jake Weisman

One of the comedians we’ve been enjoying seeing come up in LA is Jake Weisman and if you get a chance to catch when he comes to your town, we highly recommend it.

With that being said, you can get a taste of what Weisman brings to the mic in this latest performance at the Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans as well as a Louie-esque takedown of a terrible heckler that involves plenty of insults, an attempt to spoon, and drugs. Essentially, watch this and do the following: laugh, say “oh shit” a few times, and never heckle/do coke.


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    Watch this, it is so worth it.
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    "Everyone’s a comedian." No. They’re not.
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    Sweet jesus, the bit about the feral cat fucking killed me.
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    This was amazing. I was across the street doing another show when it happened, and when I came to this venue an hour or...
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