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There is a lot of great talent in this list that we’ve had the privilege of watching perform here in LA that hopefully you will get a chance to see more of next year. Namely, Hampton Yount, Dead Kevin, Byron Bowers, Cameron Esposito (our contribution to this list), Beth Stelling, and more make this list by the wonderful Julie Seabough that we’re fully in support of.

Please bookmark this list for what comedy you should look for in 2013.


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    Ron Funches takes the well-deserved top spot. Can’t wait for this guy to get huge.
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    These are some awesome, hilarious people. The Weekly gets it.
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    Ryan of Dead Kevin was at school with me! He’s great!
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    Posting for later
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    Yay Brian and Nick! Also, yay Midnight Show!
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    Great List! I vouch for everybody on it!
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