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Chicagoans Kyle Kinane and Brendan McGowan Attempt Drinking Infamous Chicago ‘Malort’

The Why Would You Eat That? by Ron Babcock and Michael Truly is one of the funnest and funniest web series as of late. Look no further for proof than this latest episode where a Chicago rite of passage, supposedly, in the spirit known as ‘Malort’ is drank after grabbing fake cash from a wind machine/fan in a challenge between very funny comedians Kyle Kinane and Brendan McGowan from Chicago.


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    Malört is a time-honored tradition of cootie-sharing and nausea. It is the closest thing to a war story the MaxFun fan...
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    ME TOO (Also, Malört isn’t great, but I’ve tasted grosser drinks. It’s not a sippin’ beverage, to be sure.)
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    “Like something that emerges from the ground after 100 years and the villagers set it on fire.”
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    This made me excited for MaxFunCon!
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    This was amazing.
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    ew i hate it
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    This was fucking gross.
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