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Kyle Kinane vs. @Pace_Foods


Apparently, the holiday season has started off with nice spicy bang as the great Kyle Kinane has gotten into a hilarious back-and-forth with the Pace Picante Twitter account as it has been automated, a “glitch” as Pace Foods says, to respond positively (i.e. GRAB SOUTHWEST BY THE BOTTLE in response to anything, positive or negative). 

Testing the limits of their robots, actual humans responded, tried to work it out with some exchange of salsa, at which point Kinane continued to have fun and this may have all ended up being a big rigmarole in getting free salsa, win over Danica McKellar, and more.

Either way, thanks to Kyle Kinane for starting off December right by having a good amount of fun with a corporate Twitter account.


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    This had me cracking up when i first saw it and just keeps getting funnier.
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    Billy and I have been reading these all day.
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    Super funny.
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    Looks like Pace might have fired one of their social media managers just in time for Christmas. If you feel so inclined,...
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    I love Kyle Kinane with the entirety of my comedy heart.