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Tip of the Hat

Every week, the Comedy Bureau finds the funniest from the funniest in LA in its Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook feeds (or in its inbox) and features them weekly.

Before Jan. 19th, the “Tip of the Hat” was a daily part of the Comedy Bureau until Bureau Director Jake Kroeger wanted to rejoin humanity by not checking Twitter every two seconds at which point, he reverted it to a weekly post.  Those previous winners are still archived here.

Like I said, the funniest from the funniest in LA:

6/23: Sean Patton

1/21: Joe Wagner

1/28: Greg Proops

2/5: Ryan Stout

2/12: Reggie Watts

2/19: Lauri Roggenkamp

2/26: Eddie Pepitone

3/6: Ron Lynch

3/12: Megan Amram

3/20: Paul F. Tompkins

3/27: Jerrod Carmichael

4/7: The Walsh Brothers

4/10: Jim Hamilton

5/15: Pete Holmes

6/4: Katie Crown

6/11: Tony Sam

6/23: Sean Patton

11/29: Kristine Levine

12/6: Jesse Case

12/15: Lizzy Cooperman

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